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Page history last edited by Jens Wilkinson 11 years, 1 month ago

Welcome to the World Etymology Dictionary


I think it would be fascinating to have a reference work that allows one to see where words came from. It is clear, for example, that the English word language derives (through French) from the word for "tongue." But what about other languages? Where do they get the word for "language"?


This project is somewhat related to the idea of "semantic primes". Languages tend to have certain words from which other words are derived. So the aim of this dictionary is to organize where words come from.


List of pages


above, after, basket, bed, before, big, blood, boat, bone, book, branch, brick, city, crow, day, dog, ear, eat, economy, edge, electricity, eye, fire, foot, fork, go, god, grass, hair, head, hold, house, in, incense, kill, knife, language, leaf, lion, mummy, nose, oil, one, petroleum, pillow, pink, religion, rose, run, skin, spoon, sun, three, tile, tongue, tooth, tree, two, understsand, village, water, wind, window, word, year


URL: http://worldetymology.pbworks.com/

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